PM&R: Helping you heal without surgery

When people think of Mayfield, the first word that comes to mind is likely to be neurosurgery. It may come as a surprise, then, to learn that 80% of Mayfield's spine patients get better without surgery.

We take a conservative approach, doing everything possible to help you heal without surgery. We accomplish this goal by working closely with our physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) doctors, also known as physiatrists. These doctors are experts at diagnosing and treating acute or chronic back and neck pain. They help determine where your pain is coming from, and they help you achieve optimal function and quality of life through non-surgical pain reduction.

PM&R doctors offer a variety of treatments. These range from non-invasive (such as physical therapy, massage, exercise, and braces) to minimally invasive interventions for pain (such as steroid injections, nerve blocks and ablations, and spinal cord stimulation). If conservative care does not resolve the problem, your PM&R physician transitions your care to a Mayfield neurosurgeon so that further treatment options can be discussed.

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